Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring dawns at 3 Fates Farm

The mucky ground shoots up green fingers of new life.  The maple buckets sound with sweet nectar.  In the yard, proud red robins strut.   "Work it,"  I tell them.  And they do.

New bee boxes with fresh green paint await the hum of their future occupants. 

Strangely not a foreboding sight, the turkey vultures have returned to roost in the conifers.

The six "Ladies", (three named "Moria", "Nona", & "Decima" and other three with the simpler names of "Shelly", "Henny Penny", and "Heather") dream of fat grubs that will come in with the tide of spring.

In short, all the residents of 3 Fates Farm are ripe with anticipation; more than ready for the rebirth of the Mother Earth!

Sorry, I'm as sappy as a maple when it comes to Spring.  And yes, I'm a bit of a hippie, compost-stirring', granola-eating, tree-hugging, rabid, organic freak.   For this, I refuse to apologise.   

So, what is 3 Fates Farm?  It's a small time hobby farm with a big passion.  It's me, trying to reconnect with the way we lived for hundreds of years.  It's about creating harmony between humans and nature.  

Yes, it's "Om", "cum-bi-ya", and all that.   

Ok, show of hands: how many people would be lost without Walmart and all the processed food within?    In a very short span of time, humans have become HUGELY dependent on grocery stores for all their food needs. If all the grocery stores were wiped off the face of the planet, most of us would starve, simply because we have no idea how to grow a garden, or can, or even bake a loaf of bread.   

In other words, if a Revolution scenario happens, the Amish will inherit the Earth.  We all be answering to Merlin or Lebanon Levi, once they sort out their turf war.

And most alarmingly, we are rapidly losing our connection to the land, becoming more like robots and less like living creatures caring for and sharing a planet.  "Getting your hands dirty" is less about working the soil and more about disinfecting the i-pod after you sneezed on it. 

However, I'm not writing this blog to preach...much.  I really just want to share the things I know.  Sharing is caring.  Cum-bi-ya.   

Besides, I don't know about you, but going to Wal-mart is killing me....softly.  I leave little pieces of my soul in the clearance aisle.   (I hear they put them on the shelf and red tagged them for $1.50).

My next post will be about our new venture: maple syrup making.  In the meantime, here are some interesting facts about PURE (not the fake high fructose corn syrup crap) maple syrup for your sweet tooth to chew on:

  • Pure maple syrup will not freeze, due to the high concentration of sugar.  Therefore you can keep maple syrup in your freezer indefinitely and it will still be yummy.

  • Pure maple syrup has Phenolics, which is basically an antioxidant.  So in moderation (guzzling a jug a day is not recommended), it's good for ya! 

  • Pure Maple Syrup has more calcium than milk by volume and more potassium than bananas by weight

  • All-natural, no gmos, and great in coffee.

  • If you have a maple tree, you can have your own pure maple syrup!  It's not rocket science; if I can do it, any crazy hippie chick can!

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