Friday, April 5, 2013

Beehavin' At 3 Fates Farm

Most of this week has been a miserable flashback to winter.  30's and 40's with spitting snow and bone-chilling wind.  UGH.  The day before my bee pickup was especially cold, and obviously, I was a bit concerned.  Should I crochet tiny bee jackets?   Have itty-bitty bowls of hot honey waiting?  These poor little buggers were going to freeze their wiggly butts off.

So, yesterday, I went to pick up my three pounds of bees.    As crazy luck would have it, spring finally decided to show up that same day.  WHEW.  My bees wouldn't be shivering around a microscopic trash can of flame!  What a pathetic picture that would be.  (Although, the tiny wittle bee jackets would be soooo cute!!)

Ahem.   Anyway, here's my video.  One thing I want to add: all the beekeepers helping out at the bee sale were amazingly helpful.  One piece of advice they shared was I should add supplements to my sugar water, and while I sound annoyed by this in the video, I truly wasn't.  I appreciate all their sage advice; after all they have been doing this for years!!    So thanks Beaver Valley Beekeepers, I hope I can pay it forward someday and mentor other up and coming beekeepers.

And thanks again, Uncle Leigh. 

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