Monday, May 27, 2013

My Wanderlust Community

Although I'm a loner at heart, lately, I've been thinking about how great it would be to live in an small interdependent community, sharing everything, working the land, cutting myself off from the soulless cookie-cutter society.    Ok, it's not like I'm in the rat race now, but I still am "on the grid" and under the thumb of the man, so to speak.  And it's not like a lot of people "get" me around here (i.e. my hippie ways).  Yeah, it would be groovy to co-habit with a bunch of like-minded cats, selling our wares, shunning the Walmart and consumerism, one with nature, the land and ourselves.

Can you dig it? 

Personally I don't know of any communes, except maybe the Golden Temple in WV, if you can count that. Although a beautiful place to visit, absolute celibacy and no caffeine do not appeal to me.  And I don't really want a commune with a religious or political agenda, because that can turn into a "hey you want to try my kool-aid, it's poison berry flavored" situation real quick. 

Golden Temple; beautiful place, no coffee :(

I would think communes, while very rainbow-tarian in theory, are probably very difficult to maintain without crossing the line of cultish.   

Still, I can't seem to get the thought out of my head.  What would make the perfect commune anyway?  Well, here's my thoughts on it...

  • Sorry to be a party pooper,man, but first and foremost, you NEED rules.   Now before you think I'm going harsh the mellow...I'm basically talking about the Golden Rule, and we can evolve from there;  not a 10lb book of rules, but basic, respectful, common sense stuff.   A community can't run if one person decides not to do their share or is harmful/disrespectful to the group.  Chores need to be divided and carried out, people need to co-exist amicably.  
  • Lots of land, midsouth or southwest, not desert and not arctic cold.    A self-sustaining commune will probably need a long growing season with mild temperatures year round (to mimize heat costs).  Plus, I'm not a big fan of winter.  I like the desert, but not much grows there obviously.  I also think we should have least 10 acres for pasture, crops, and last but not least, privacy.   I don't want to be on display like a freak show. 
  • Big ol' farm house, fixer-upper ok.  We will probably need lots of rooms, storage, and shelter for the animals.    Personally, indoor plumbing is a must for me. Other than that, I'm open minded to anything (mostly because it needs to be cheap) 
  • Everyone has a say, take turns being the leader.  Hopefully, this will nip the cult scenario in the bud.  "Absolute power.." and all that.   Leader of the week enforces rules, handles disputes, divides chores.  Then someone else gets there turn.  However, Leader of the Week isn't all powerful; they still have to bow to the majority of the group.
  • No tech...what the heck?
  • TECHNOLOGY IS FORBIDDEN.......bwahahaha! Yeah, just kidding.  I have nothing against the Amish, I'm just not a big fan of losing my internet.   In other words, I don't have a problem with a little techie stuff.  Laptops ok, cells ok, TVS...probably not ok.  Maybe TVs without cable?    TVs are mind sucking, but then again, I need my fix of "Walking Dead."  So TVs with netflix is acceptable, but not 24/7 TV.    Cars ok, but bikes are better.  Low maintenance stuff for our low maintenance life. :)  
  • Everyone is welcome, as long as they can contribute (i.e. time, money, or talents), are respectful,  and aren't a Charlie Manson.    You know, just basically good people.   This will be the hard component, I fear.   Sometimes you don't know a bad apple until it's turned the whole barrel rotten. 

And there's the rub.  Obviously, everything in a utopia hinges on that last element: People.  You can have the most fertile soil, the sturdiness house, the idyllic view, but none of it truly matters.  The souls of your community, they will make it flourish or fail.  
So anyway, my commune is a pipe dream.  

Or is it? 

I mean, what's to say I can't give some of my eggs away to my neighbors?  Barber some stuff.  Shove driveways.   Help out who needs help.     Just cause.  Who knows what I'll start. 

Maybe not a commune, but possibly a trend.    And I don't have to give up coffee.... Sweet.

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