Friday, May 17, 2013

The Case of the Abandoned Little Pink House or She's a Mysterious Lady, Ain't She?

 "Let us a little permit Nature to take her own way; she better understands her own Affairs than we." ~Michel de Montaigne

I was very disappointed and puzzled to discover that the bluebirds abandoned their nest.   Somewhat of a mystery to me. 

My biggest question is this:  why would you put forth such an investment...gather material, faithfully construct a nest, lay 3 eggs, only to leave the eggs to rot and move on?  

In these situations, I irrationally rest the blame on me, like I had some kind of control over the situation.  I ask myself, what could I have done or not done to make these birds stay?  

I suppose it's the wildlife management mindset taking over.

Wildlife career choice many years ago, trying to save the world and all.   But now I realize, I was quite arrogant. 

Managing nature, like we could possibly lasso it, wrangle it to the ground, and put a brand on it.

We can't manage nature. As I see it, man either co-exists with nature, or destroys it. 

And sometimes, despite our best efforts, we have to accept that nature will be cruel.  Maybe cruel to be kind, because nature has a hidden agenda.  We don't always grasp her mysterious ways, but isn't that attracts us to her....that we don't always "get" her?   

I don't know, maybe that's just me.

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